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15 Good Reasons to Invest in Kranzle

1. 30% more pressure!

Traditional high-pressure cleaners are usually equipped with an injector for induction of detergents. In order to suck in the detergents, the water which is under high pressure, needs to be pressed through a small nozzle pipe. This costs energy, no matter if the injector is in operation or not. The available working pressure is reduced by approximately 30% on other machines compared to Kranzle.

Kranzle high-pressure cleaners with water tanks are designed such as to allow the pump to suck up water from the water tank as well as detergents at the same time. The energy consuming injector and the simultaneous loss of efficiency and/or pressure of up to 30% is eliminated. The detergents can be sprayed without reducing the operating pressure.

2. No pump damage to due to lack of water
The great advantage of the water tank is that it eliminates cavitation’s (air bubble implosions inside the pump, caused mainly by lack of water). This is the major reason for failure in high pressure pumps, and is almost eliminated in Kranzle machines.

3. Distinctly longer service life!
All units are equipped with ceramic coated stainless steel pistons which are produced in an extremely expensive manufacturing process. The hard ceramic coating prevents the seals from wear which considerably increases the life on the pump.

4. All systems are dry-run safe!
All systems are equipped with 2 Teflon graphite seals per piston. The excellent gliding properties of Teflon graphite serve to reduce both the friction resistance and temperatures inside the system. For this reason, the systems can be operated without water for a certain period = dry-run safety.

5. Malfunctions due to corrosion are impossible!
Because all water leading components are made of stainless steel or special brass.

6. Brass pump heads ensure a long service life!
All pump heads are by Kranzle in Germany from forged special brass to ensure a long service life.

7. No motor noise!
Most appliances are equipped with slow running, silent and durable four pole electric motors (1.400rpm).

8. Strict quality control!
All appliances are subject to exhaustive electronic and practical tests under field conditions. Every single lance and machine are checked for correct pressure and operation before the cleaners leave the factory.

9. Incredible efficiency!
The new Therm 1 versions include quite a number of improvements (amongst others, a new heating coil) helping to increase the burner capacity up to an incredible efficiency of 93%.

10. Stable water temperatures!
In addition to the traditional mode of operation, the Therm series offers the possibility to practically maintain a stable water temperature with a minimal deviation of only +/- 1oC thanks to adjustable clocking. This type of stability is unique. Traditional modes of operation are subject to temperature deviations of up to 30oC.

11. Two motors prevent wear!
All hot water systems are equipped with two motors, i.e. one motor for the high pressure pump and one motor for the fuel pump and fan, this is to prevent both fan and fuel pump from wear during cold water operation or unnecessary operation.

12. Two gauges!
All hot water systems are equipped with two gauges, i.e. one water pressure gauge and one oil pressure gauge.

14. Independent operating hours counters
The Therm Series is equipped with two independent operating- hours-counters - one for the pump and the other for the burner. This facilitates to determine the respective service intervals.

13. Glycerin damped stainless steel!
All machines are equipped with large clearly arranged glycerin damped stainless steel gauges.

15. Faster end-consumer service!
The rather extensive Kranzle program is based on only a few types of pumps and motors. Above all, this translates into a small spare parts inventory for distributors and a faster end consumer service.

Quality German manufacturing and production!



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