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How To Choose A Pressure Washer -The Options

Pressure Washing Buying Guide

Buying the right pressure washer for yourself or your business depends on many factors. 
This simple guide is designed to help you by pointing out a few things to look out for.



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How To Compare Pressure Washers 

What performance will I be getting?

The performance of your pressure washer, that is, its total power available for cleaning, is a combination of pressure and flow. 

For Example, a boy cycling along at 15mph hits a wall. 
Apart from a few cuts and bruises to the poor lad, little damage is done to the wall.  
A bus driving into that same wall at 15mph will knock it down. - Why? 
Because the weight of the object is just as important as it's speed.
So similarly, the total cleaning power of a pressure washer is a result of its pressure and flow. An output of 1500 psi with 10 litres of water a minute is more powerful than 1800 psi with 7 or 8 litres of water a minute. Because the water droplets in the spray are larger and heavier, you clean quicker and more effectively.  

Watch out for the tricks

A 'trick' other manufacturers employ to make you think that your pressure washer is more powerful than it is, is to supply you with a lance that has a kink in its design. A kink, or bend, in the lance will give more of a kick-back than when using a straight lance, this tactic naturally 'feels' as though it is more powerful. It feels like you have to fight to keep the lance down, the reality is that you are only creating extra fatigue for yourself, and the pressure really is no better.
Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle

Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle

How good is the pump, motor & transmission? 

The pump, motor and transmission are the big three components of a pressure washer. Main components like these that are not built to last, should be avoided.  

High-Pressure Washer Pumps

Kranzle pumps are only made with brass valve casings because, although not cheap, it is the best material to use as it is strong, durable and will not be 'eaten' away by water like aluminium is.  
Many non-Kranzle pumps are cheaply made using plastic, or cast aluminium.
Most manufacturers pumps have pistons driven by a cam and con-rods system and are only about 84% efficient. Kranzle axial pumps are approximately 91% efficient because Kranzle also manufactures electric motors for our machines.  Our output is perfectly matched for maximum performance and efficiency. Some pumps have plastic valves. Every Kranzle machine has valves made with stainless steel seats, stainless steel poppers and stainless steel springs. 
You also don't need special tools to remove them should you accidentally get dirt in the pump... a major problem with some makes.  
Most pumps do not have an air gap with drainage between the high-pressure water seals and the oil seals. This results in the oil being contaminated by water and emulsifying. This can be highly destructive to the transmission. All Kranzle pumps have an air gap and do not suffer from this problem. 
So good is the Kranzle pump that Kranzle give a 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee on the valve casing. And because it is made of brass with stainless steel moving parts it should never wear out. Just need service items replacing every two or three thousand hours use. (Not bad when you consider the life expectancy of many domestic rated pressure cleaners is only 50 hours usage!)

What guarantee does it have and how long will it last?

Some pressure cleaners are not guaranteed for industrial use i.e. they are designed for domestic use only, so if you are a business customer forget the warranty. Most private purchasers will clean the car, caravan, lawn mower, driveway and patio then put it away and maybe not get it out again for a few weekends and then only to clean the car again, and perhaps the patio furniture.
The life expectancy of many domestic rated models is only 40 / 50 hours. This will probably see out the guarantee period, but what about next year? or if you lend it to your neighbours? 
Every Kranzle is built to last for many years, even with daily usage. Machines sold directly to private customers for domestic use are warrantied for a period of 24 months.
Machines bought for industrial or commercial use have a manufacturers warranty cover for 12 months that can be extended if certain conditions are met. Contact us for details. How much would you spend over 10 years replacing 'low cost' machines with more 'low cost' machines? Or would you simply throw it away and feel cheated? If you buy the best you can afford you will save money and enjoy hassle free usage of your machine.

Do I need a hot machine or a cold?

If you are cleaning the outside of cars, vans, even tractors, stone work, etc, then a cold water High-Pressure Cleaner is quite suitable. Which one is up to you, though as you would expect, we are always ready to advise. For heavy usage we advise you don't buy a lightweight machine without a brass pump head, and nothing with a 2800 rpm motor. You need something durable and simple, with good pressure and flow.  
If you buy a cold water machine you'll probably want a good quality Traffic Film Remover (TFR) when cleaning vehicles to get best results. You also find this with hot machines, but at lower dilution rates as hot water cleans grease better than cold. 
One thing worth mentioning is that you can connect a Kranzle cold water pressure washer to a hot water supply. Kranzle pumps are happy with up to 60°C or even 70°C water inlet providing there is a sufficient water supply  available.
Hot water pressure washers, or steam cleaners are really only necessary for heavy transport, curtain sides, engine cleaning, etc. They come into their own when having to deal with grease, oil and animal fats. The combination of high pressure, hot water and detergent cuts through just about anything. Hot water pressure washers, or steam cleaners as they are often known, are generally used in tough environments - Avoid light weight, small, hot water pressure washers unless the machine will be kept inside, well looked after and only used occasionally.

What quality of hose, fittings and connections does it have?

Premium pressure washers should have both the water inlet fitting that your supply hose connects onto and the high-pressure outlet of the pump made of brass. Plastic has a tendency to break and aluminium corrodes. All of the connections for the high-pressure hose, trigger gun and detachable lances and accessories should be either brass or stainless steel. Other metals may corrode or seize up and plastic 'push & twist' bayonet connections are weaker than brass and prone to problems.
All Kranzle machines have brass water inlet fittings (with an in-line water filter) and brass screw connections that seal onto an O-ring, so only need to be done up finger tight. No tools are required to undo hoses, trigger guns or to change a lance.
Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle

Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle

Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle

Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle
Pressure Washer Buying Guide - Kranzle

What after sales service will I get?

Be cautious of what type of guarantee the pressure washer you are buying comes with. Only Kranzle offer 12 months commercial warranty as standard on all of our pressure washers, and providing the machine is inspected at the end of the first 12 months - we will extend the warranty for another 12 months. You may rest assured that Kranzle have less than 1% warranty failure, but if there is a fault we will act quickly to rectify it.

The Cheapest Pressure Washer? Or the best Value Pressure washer?

Whatever you plan to spend, here is the simple math to determine "value for money". The cost of the machine divided by 50 hours gives you as cost per hour of using a domestic "cheaper built" machine. 
$100.00 for a machine for 50 hours gives us an hourly cost of $2.00 per Hour. $500 in a machine over a 3000 hour ( Minimum Kranzle expected lifespan) gives us an hourly cost of 15 cents. Value for money and greater performance, only from Kranzle.



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