The Best Pressure Washer For You

The cheapest water blaster?

No, Kranzle are not the cheapest purchase, but, the best value water blaster? Yes! we deliver extremely good value for money and believe we offer the most cost effective washers.

Saving time with high-performance power washers

The high-quality industrial machines made by Kranzle have an output of at least 1500 psi and deliver 10 litres of water per minute. Our water blasters have far greater cleaning power than smaller domestic machines and with far superior results. Less time washing means you can get more done in your day.

Why should you buy a Kranzle Water Blaster?

Kranzle products are made to strict quality standards, not to a price. Unlike mass produced machines, Kranzle pressure washers are made with pride and individually tested prior to leaving the factory.
Every Kranzle comes with 2 years domestic warranty as standard.
Commercial users are provided with 12 months warranty as standard; extended another 12 months if an annual inspection is carried out by an Approved Service Centre.

Good quality pump heads

Every Kranzle has a specially forged brass pump head. Avoid plastic, metal-plated plastic, and aluminium pumps as these are not built to last.
Kranzle pumps are only made with brass valve casings because, although not cheap, it is the best material to use, it is strong, durable and will not be 'eaten' away by water like aluminium is.

Good quality plungers (pistons)

Kranzle makes our own shatter-proof ceramic coated plungers (pistons) that are finely ground and polished to give an ultra-smooth, low friction surface which is permanent and won't chip, crack or wear out.

Pumps with adequate seals and leakage protection

Every Kranzle is built with a drainage chamber that has an air-gap between the water seals and oil seals, this ensures that there is no possibility of mixing oil and water causing contamination issues.

Dry-run Protection as standard

Kranzle is the only manufacturer to offer dry-run protection. Most pressure washers are destroyed if you accidentally fail to connect a water supply, your Kranzle will be safe.

Total cleaning power

An output of 1500 psi with 10 litres of water a minute is more powerful than 1800 psi with 7 or 8 litres of water a minute. Because the water droplets in the spray are larger and heavier, you can clean quicker and more effectively.

Kranzle comfort

Kranzle products are designed to be used for use over long periods of time and are all ergonomically designed with the operator's comfort in mind.

How long will your Kranzle last?

Every effort is made to ensure maximum life of the pump, motor and transmission inside Kranzle high-pressure cleaners.
Every Kranzle machine is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory and is stamped with a unique serial number. Kranzle pumps are so good that Kranzle gives a 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee on the valve casing.
Because it is made of brass with stainless steel moving parts it should never wear out, just need serviceable items replacing every two or three thousand hours of usage. Not bad when you consider the life expectancy of many domestic rated pressure cleaners is only 50 hours usage.

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